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Tom Clancy – The Division Complete

This video is a compilation of all available Division gameplay walkthroughs and Division Trailers to date, including the original Teaser. After watching the walkthroughs again, it just reassures me of how sick this game is going to be when released. And the Trailers were so well done and fully realized.

Destiny Dark Below Raid – Lamps Room 

So here is a 3D look at look at Lamps Level in the Dark Below Raid on the Moon in Destiny.  

Crota’s End: Hard Mode

This article will outline what’s changed in the Level 33 difficulty of Crota’s End. If you need help with Normal mode, we’ve got a complete guide for that as well.

Killing Crota Solo

OK. This is not so hard after all. If one guy can do it. Six of us it should be easy. Take a look how this guy from Italy did it. Let’s do it.

Crota’s End Raid Final CP Glitch

So I’m figuring, it’s best if we all see the video of how this glitch was done. Here it is. Let’s try this again.

Crota End Lamp Room Map

Here is a map to get you through to the bridge in the Crota’s End Raid in Destiny.

Destiny: Video Crota Raid Guide.

A Complete video guide on how to beat Crota in the new Raid on the Moon in Destnys new Dark Below DLC.

Destiny: Dark Below DLC Raid Video

Guide to the Dark Below Crota Raid.

Destiny: Everything You Need

Everything you ever want to know.

Completing the Vault of Glass

Everything you need to complete the Vault of Glass. Let’s do it!

7 Parts to Destiny’s Vault of Glass

Destiny’s Vault of Glass has 7 parts to complete. First part you’re outside the gate. There are 3 areas where you have to split your team of 6 into. 2 players on each spire and they have to defend it for a set amount of time (I think about 5 minutes or so). Second section […]

Complete Vault of Glass Raid in Destiny

Want to see what the Vault of Glass Raid looks like and how it’s finished? This is about an hour video that you can scrub through. It’s pretty brutal and it takes plenty of team work for sure. Take a look.

Halo 4 – RvB Easter Egg #10

*sorry so late Halo 4 – RvB Easter Egg #10 Episode 10 – Chapter 3 – Seize The Power

Halo 4 – RvB Easter Egg #9

Halo 4 – RvB Easter Egg #9 Episode 9 – Chapter 5 – The Hammer *Jet Pack needed!

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