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Destiny: Another Vault of Glass Chest?

Wait…whaaat? Another Vault of Glass chest? Time to start searching.

Tripod – Gonna Make You Happy

This is for my fellow gamers and their girlfriends/wifes. Very funny!

ME 3 Platnium Strategy

So maybe we need to rethink our strategy. Firebase white might not be the answer. It might be to close quarters for Platnium. We might need to setup where we can have some distance between us and them for awhile to affect long distance damage first. Until they come closer to us. That way they […]

All Earth DLC N7 Characters.

I’m on a little vaca for the week. Played a little ME3 earlier today so before I signed off I bought a Prem. Spectre Pack. Voila, got the last Earth N7 Shadow Infiltrator. YES! Can’t wait to play her later.

Hey XBL Gamers!

Welcome to the  XBOX Live MAFIA blog. You guys talk it up on XBOX Live, lets see if you can do the same here. Post everything and anything you like about video games and related topics and anything else if you like. Most importantly come back often and share. And don’t forget to use your […]

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