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New Xbox One Elite Bundle & Lunar White Wireless Controller

This is some great looking gear. Cmon, those Lunar Controllers…nice.

The New Xbox Controller: Why You Need One

Seriously. After watching this video, if you don’t think you need this controller. Your Carazy. Lol

New XB One UI

Here’s a peek at the awesome new Xbox One UI experience coming this fall. They might actually finally get it right.

Incredible DirectX 12 Tech Demo

Today at Microsoft’s BUILD 2015 conference, Square Enix and Nvidia showed off a seriously impressive tech demo for DirectX 12 using a whopping four GTX Titan video cards. The video, entitled Witch Chapter 0 [cry], was made by the same Square Enix team that built the similarly pretty Agni’s Philosophy tech demo shown off back at E3 2012. The […]

Xbox One External Hard Drives

Since release the Xbox One has received a steady stream of monthly firmware updates to add features and improvements. In June the update added (amongst other things), external storage. Unlike the PlayStation 4 which doesn’t support external drives and only has the option to upgrade the console’s standard 500gb internal storage, the Xbox One console […]

Destiny for Xbox One in 1080p – Sweet

Sony FanGirls can stuff it now!! Dig what the final version is going to look like on Xbox One. The Destiny beta that begins Wednesday on Xbox One looks great, but it runs at 900p because the beta, in practical development terms, had to be branched off and finished a while ago. However, after […]

Xbox One will support 4K Output

Xbox One will support 4K output resolution and 3D The next-gen Xbox One will include support for ultra high-resolution 4K as well as 3D, Microsoft’s Larry Hryb revealed in a Yahoo chat session yesterday. “Xbox One supports both 3-D and 4K,” Hryb said in response to a question about the console including these features. Following […]

DX12: Better Use of CPU Cores

,Xbox One Already Has Similar API For Freeing Up CPU. Since Microsoft first revealed DirectX 12, set to release in Holidays 2015 for Xbox One PC, its graphics the API has faced some sort of scrutiny. Would it be able to speed up the Xbox One’s CPU significantly or simply allow for more efficient hardware […]

Fixing XBOne Mic Problems

If your mic has stopped working in a party but you can still hear everyone. Watch the video below.–4

Microsoft: XBOX One’s ESRAM is a “Huge Win”

Microsoft Explains why the Xbox One’s ESRAM is a “Huge Win” and Allows Reaching 1080p/60 FPS. During a livestreamed presentation at Build, Xbox One Team Partner Development Lead Frank Savage explained in detail how the much discussed ESRAM of the Xbox One works, also mentioning that it can help developer sreach the fabled 1080p resolution […]

Xbox glasses announcement imminent?

Microsoft buys AR headset patents for $100-150 million Complete story with picture click link below. With all eyes on Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift, Microsoft has quietly bought up six already-issued and 75 in-progress patents for augmented reality glasses, originally taken out by wearable computing company Osterhout Design Group. That’s according to a report […]

Microsoft powers up games with DirectX 12

The time for teasing is over. Today at GDC, Microsoft pulled back the curtain on DirectX 12, a shiny new edition of its venerable graphics APIs that some lucky developers can start mucking around with later this year. Microsoft Graphics Development Manager Anuj Gosalia talked up a storm out in SF: he noted that DX12 […]

Watch out Sony! Here comes the Xbox One.

Xbox One. A shot across Sonys Graphics bow!

MS Speeds Up XB One.

Dear Sony…screw off. Lol MS Speeds Up One.

The Xbox ONE Facts Jack

The Xbox One is a powerful piece of hardware with 8GB RAM, 64-bit processors and plenty more muscle. But the Xbox One is built to communicate with servers (300,000 of them) in the cloud to increase the computational potential of the system. Developers can start doing things like shifting latency insensitive things to the cloud. […]

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