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Ten Minutes of Star Wars Battlefront

 The game’s been teasing out its match types slowly with a lot of focus on the large scale Walker Assault up there and a two player co-op survival mode. Star Wars Battlefront also added Drop Zone recently and that’s basically a King of the Hill style thing.

Destiny: Important Last Year One Update

A very Important Year One Update. A must read before September 8th

Halo 5 Guardian Openinig Cinematic

This looks AWESOME!

Halo 5 Guardian Weapon Skins

A few of the weapon skins available in Halo 5.              

Destiny: TTK First Story Mission

Check out the first Taken King story mission. It looks pretty sweet.

Microsoft Gamescon 2015 Press Con

RB6 Seige: Gameplay Community vs. Devs

Some great Rainbow Six:  Siege gameplay strategies footage. This game is looking soooo awesome. I cannot wait!


Fans of Rainbow Six have been clamoring for one major thing since Rainbow Six Siege was revealed at E3 2014: Terrorist Hunt. And the developers are giving them exactly what they want. Today at the Ubisoft press conference, TerroHunt was shown off for the first time. It’s certainly back, and it’s bigger and better than […]

E3 Deus Ex Game Play Video

And here is an actual 25 minute E3 game play demo. Damn I’m getting this game. 

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

If you are a Deus Ex fan like I am, you should check out the new game coming out in 2016. This E3 video looks pretty awesome.

Destiny: The Taken King’s New Stuff

A look at the Taken King’s new Weapons, Armor and Locations. Pretty sweet stuff.

Destiny: New Subclasses

Check out these awesome new subclasses.

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