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Destiny: Hard Oryx No Knights

Here is a way time down Oryx in the Hard Raid without the Knights encounter spawning.   

Destiny: Getting the Sleeper Stimulant

Here is the start to what you need to get the Sleeper Stimulant Fusion Rifle.   

Destiny TTK: Easier Golgorath Method

An easier strategy for killing Golgorath.   

Destiny: King’s Fall Raid Guide

Here is the complete King’s Fall Raid Guide.

Destiny: Charging The Argonarch Rune

So if or when you get an Argonarch Rune here is what you do to get it to 7/7.

Destiny: Need More Hadium?

Still looking for more Hadium Flakes? Try this.

Destiny: Sweet Sorrow of Leaving Old Loot for TTK

Shedding a tear….but wait…all the Gear.

Destiny: Crucible RIFT Strategy Guide

View a guide to playing the new Crucible RIFT Mode.

Destiny: Preparing for TTK

I know there are some of us that have already begun prepping for TTK drop day. But remember that the Raid will not be ready on Launch Day. It will more than likely drop a week later, so no rush there. But for all us early preppers check out this video guide for many ways […]

Battlefront Gets 20 Player Aerial Combat

Rainbow Six: Siege Interactive Trailer

If you were a fan of RB 6 Terrorist Hunt mode then you have to watch this new Terrorist Hunt Mode in RB 6 Siege.  It looks sick, the gameplay looks awesome and the graphics look great.

RB6 Seige: Gameplay Community vs. Devs

Some great Rainbow Six:  Siege gameplay strategies footage. This game is looking soooo awesome. I cannot wait!

Rainbow Six Siege’s TerroHunt: You  vs 30 smart AI

A thrilling, impromptu wall rappel is hands-down my coolest move during a recent session of TerroHunt, Rainbow Six Siege’s co-op mode that pits up to five players against cunning AI forces. Tom Cruise would be proud.  During my demo, myself and the team are on the top of a consulate building as terrorists shuffle about […]

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