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Destiny: 9 Hidden Exotic Armor   

Destiny: Getting the Sleeper Stimulant

Here is the start to what you need to get the Sleeper Stimulant Fusion Rifle.   

Destiny: The Voice Actors

Here are the voice actors of Destiny. Did you guess any?

Destiny: The One About The Red Bull Quest

It’s 10 a.m. Michael “Flamesword” Chaves and his fireteam, comprised of Nestor “nKuch” Kuchar and Michael “Mag” Vanlith, arrive at Bungie. They’re about to be the first fireteam to complete the Red Bull Quest, an all-new quest line found in Destiny: The Taken King. They walk through the halls of Bungie lined with memorabilia from […]

Halo 5 Guardian Weapon Skins

A few of the weapon skins available in Halo 5.              

Destiny: Crucible RIFT Strategy Guide

View a guide to playing the new Crucible RIFT Mode.

Destiny: How to Blink 3x In a Row

So here is a trick to blinking 3 times in a row with your Hunter or Warlock.

For All Us Halo Fans

Have a smoke, have a drink and enjoy.

The Division Q&A 

Some cool facts about Gameplay, Squads, Dark Zone, etc

Destiny: New Ships for TTK

Looks like some new ships are coming for The Taken King.         

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