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Destiny: 9 Hidden Exotic Armor   

Destiny: TTK Raid Loot Still Not Right

The more you play, the harder it gets. This article is a must read. I thought the same thing after finding out more about the Raid Loot Drops. Same as Year One Bullshit.   

Destiny: Need More Hadium?

Still looking for more Hadium Flakes? Try this.

Destiny: Calcified Frament Locations

Here are the first 15 locations.

Destiny: Y2 Exotic Armor Preliminary Review

A great overview of the Class Exotic Armor.

Destiny: Sweet Sorrow of Leaving Old Loot for TTK

Shedding a tear….but wait…all the Gear.

Destiny: New TTK Trailer

But seriously, the music. Perfect! Classic RnR!!

Destiny: Etheric Light, ATK Level, Y1 Exotics & More

Game Informer sat down for a podcast with Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy, and we learned a lot more about the design decisions that led to some of the features we’re going to see implemented in The Taken King. The guys also answer popular questions from the community with candor and clarity. View more here. […]

Bungie’s Year 1 Exotic Problem

This is some great reading for understanding the Taken King dilemma.

Destiny: TTK First Imprssions

Planet Destiny’s take on all the new Taken King info out today from Game Informer.

Destiny: TTK and 2.0 Reddit Info

Hello everyone, I have received some early information on the Taken King and Destiny 2.0. For the sake of confidentiality, I will not release the name or names of anyone that was involved in telling me this information. I can tell you for sure that I have certain connections with people that are in contact […]

Destiny: TTK Gamescon Demo Review

Destiny: TTK Prologue Cinematic

Destiny: TTK Guardian Trailer

Destiny: 20 Reasons to Like Taken King

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