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Bungie Admits Destiny Nightfall Rewards Are Bad

Bungie Admits Destiny Nightfall Rewards Are So Bad It Can “Feel Like Losing”   

Destiny: The One About The Red Bull Quest

It’s 10 a.m. Michael “Flamesword” Chaves and his fireteam, comprised of Nestor “nKuch” Kuchar and Michael “Mag” Vanlith, arrive at Bungie. They’re about to be the first fireteam to complete the Red Bull Quest, an all-new quest line found in Destiny: The Taken King. They walk through the halls of Bungie lined with memorabilia from […]

Destiny: Last Weekly Update Before TTK

Here is the last Year One Weekly Update before Tht Taktn King drops.

Destiny: Important Last Year One Update

A very Important Year One Update. A must read before September 8th

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