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Tuesday Night game sesh?

Who is down on Tuesday night for some Campaign of Carnage? Wish we could get together with some beers and LAN this one!


dis is from my iphone

Why Shlekii is Nuts!

Well we can certainly tell what your avatar is Shlekii huh…?? A NON avatar pic!! WHAT?? THAT’S NOT A REAL AVATAR!!! Are you FN kidding me…that’s your avatar? That’s what you were in such a rush to get up? WTF??? ┬áLol BTW: Mine is from Dead Space, Dude. A Real Avatar pic. Lmao.

Older guys will get this…

How it really feels to be a gamer with a real life.

Attention Ninjas

So what’s up? No chatter? Lol

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