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Hello everyone, I have received some early information on the Taken King and Destiny 2.0. For the sake of confidentiality, I will not release the name or names of anyone that was involved in telling me this information. I can tell you for sure that I have certain connections with people that are in contact with others that are working on the release of The Taken King and other Destiny titles. Although this information is second hand, which I may let you believe or not, it is in very trusted people that i have obtained this knowledge. When it all comes down to it though, this is just speculation and can be changed in the future.

Now for the information:Bungie is currently working on a Clans 2.0 in which you and your clan mates may be able to give each other buffs in game. These possibly earned through meeting certain clan requirements.
Cayde-6 and Zavala, the hunter and titan vanguard, both play big roles in The Taken King. Not quite sure how they will be incorporated though.

Artifacts are in fact not going to be relics, but something completely different. Quoted, “They are going to be much cooler, giving guardians new effects and new ways to play”.

Although this is probably well known, Eris Morn will be a huge part in the story of The Taken King. Main quest giver.

There will be three separate bosses in the Dread naught raid as seen in the trailers. The big guys that stand out.

Something that sounds very exciting, the land tanks from Cabal will be seen much more throughout the quest line. Hinted that they will be usable in the quests!

The Cabal, even though they are being hunted and taken, they are still not going to be an ally in the main quest line. They will in fact turn to shoot at you just as they do in any other patrol or mission.

The new taken abilities of Cabal, Fallen, Vex, and hive are all going to be mirrors of supers or close to them. For Ex. dregs will put up bubble shields just like a defender titan would. They will be used to counter certain supers of guardians.

The Dread naught patrol will be much larger and contain much more then normal patrols. Hiding treasures and secrets that will take months to figure out. A planet in itself, but larger.

Saturn will not be explore-able. As I really hoped it might of been even a little. Like ship exploration of some sort as it is a gas giant.

Bungie is working on a new form of ascending for Year 2 that I couldn’t be told too much about. Stated, “It is too complicated to explain, but it will be similar to the current form of ascending that we know already”. I assume from what they said it meant that they could not go deeper into detail about it at this time. It will also have a way to “customize” yourself to be different then other guardians. Possibly shaders for guns?

Now for Destiny 2.0.

This will be a completely new game. It is titled currently as “Destiny 2 – The Shattered Suns” and is planned for release on September of 2016. You will still be using your current characters. It will focus heavily on Osiris and his endeavors as he is the main quest giver in the game. A new form of enemy is said to be in development, Possibly Ahamkara? Couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone on that. Mercury is also supposed to be a big player in “Destiny 2 – The Shattered Suns”. The main area in which the guardian will explore. Bungie has also hired on Hollywood writers for the story of this game as well. A new voice for the ghost is also being implemented. Bungie apparently stated that they are not going to continue with DLC’s, but instead release free raids, planets, etc. throughout time. They will only be continuing with the main games after TTK and its successor DLCs.

Finally as a bonus, there is not going to be trading implemented into the game ever. Stated,”Activision got sent a letter regarding what not to do on a mmorpg from Blizzard, and trading was on that list”. Also that there is no 6th chest in the VoG or has only been known by a small group of people in the studio. It was just a bluff to keep us occupied for The Taken King most likely.

I am welcome to discussion because i’m sure not everyone will believe everything in this post. Like i said, this is second hand information and cannot be fully proven till launch. All this info has been obtained by very trustworthy people though and i have never known any of them to lie. 

Thank you and stay frosty guardians.

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