Xbox One: Full Keyboard & Mouse Support?

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has indicated that the Xbox One could soon get full keyboard and mouse support, which would give it a significant edge over rival PS4. The Xbox One could soon get full keyboard and mouse support, as an intriguing tweet from Microsoft’s Phil Spencer indicates.The competition between Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One is quite heated as is — but full keyboard and mouse support could give the Xbox One a significant edge over its archrival.

The addition of full keyboard and mouse support would also expand options for users, enabling them to play more titles — including games that are not compatible with a console due to gamepad limitations. This, in turn, would expand the Xbox One’s library even further.

Microsoft has not made an official announcement as to when it will add full keyboard and computer mouse support, but Phil Spencer hints in this direction with a recent tweet. Responding to a user inquiring about an option to stream from a Windows 10 PC to an Xbox One console, Spencer said that keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One “aren’t far away.”

The console already allows users to connect a USB keyboard, thanks to an update that rolled out back in February — but adding full mouse support would further sweeten the deal. With full keyboard and mouse support, Xbox One could set itself apart from the competition with a richer experience and more options for console players, offering possibilities that are currently available only on PC.

An option to stream Windows 10 to Xbox One remains unconfirmed, as Microsoft is still working on streaming Xbox One to its latest Windows 10 OS, set to launch July 29. In a subsequent tweet, Spencer said the idea of Windows 10 to Xbox One streaming sounds good, but the company doesn’t have a plan in place. Windows 10 integration for Xbox One, meanwhile, should arrive sometime in the fall, rolling out first to Xbox One Preview members.

It is not yet known just when Microsoft will officially add full keyboard and mouse support to its Xbox One console, but Spencer’s tweet indicates that it should be sometime in the near future.

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