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Rainbow Six: Siege Interactive Trailer

If you were a fan of RB 6 Terrorist Hunt mode then you have to watch this new Terrorist Hunt Mode in RB 6 Siege.  It looks sick, the gameplay looks awesome and the graphics look great.

Destiny: New Ships for TTK

Looks like some new ships are coming for The Taken King.         


THE $190, JAW-DROPPING DESTINY ACTION FIGURE, AND ITS  Upscale toy maker 3A just showed off your next big purchase: an amazing Destiny Titan figure hitting next week.The 1/6th scale Titan is 12.6-inches tall, has more than 24 points of articulation, two sets of hands, battle-worn armor over a tailored cloth suit and Titan Mark and […]

Xbox One: Full Keyboard & Mouse Support?

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has indicated that the Xbox One could soon get full keyboard and mouse support, which would give it a significant edge over rival PS4. The Xbox One could soon get full keyboard and mouse support, as an intriguing tweet from Microsoft’s Phil Spencer indicates.The competition between Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One […]

Destiny: Bungie Weekly Update 7-23-15

This week at Bungie we’re serving up a small preview of the arsenal that’s waiting for you in The Taken King. At its heart, Destiny is a shooter. You want to journey to the stars and reclaim your lost worlds from hostile takeover? A Guardian can’t solve every problem with space magic. You’ll need guns. […]

RB6 Seige: Gameplay Community vs. Devs

Some great Rainbow Six:  Siege gameplay strategies footage. This game is looking soooo awesome. I cannot wait!

Destiny: New Weapon Tooling

The only tools here are Bungie for nerfing and mucking with weapons again. Guess they decided to change their 10 year strategy to a one year one.  I mean the IB, the BH, and the Gallie? Seriously. WTF Bungie?  As one a Reddit user explained about the IB change.  ” If you look at the […]

Destiny: Finding Your Triumphs Progress

This can only be seen from the Bungie site, not with the Bungie App. 1- Open your Browser on your PC, iPad or any other Mobile Device. 2- Log into Bungie ( and click on your Profile in the Top Right of your screen.3- When you get to your Profile Page click on the Triumphs Tag to […]

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