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Rainbow Six Siege’s TerroHunt: You  vs 30 smart AI

A thrilling, impromptu wall rappel is hands-down my coolest move during a recent session of TerroHunt, Rainbow Six Siege’s co-op mode that pits up to five players against cunning AI forces. Tom Cruise would be proud.  During my demo, myself and the team are on the top of a consulate building as terrorists shuffle about […]


Fans of Rainbow Six have been clamoring for one major thing since Rainbow Six Siege was revealed at E3 2014: Terrorist Hunt. And the developers are giving them exactly what they want. Today at the Ubisoft press conference, TerroHunt was shown off for the first time. It’s certainly back, and it’s bigger and better than […]

E3 Deus Ex Game Play Video

And here is an actual 25 minute E3 game play demo. Damn I’m getting this game. 

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

If you are a Deus Ex fan like I am, you should check out the new game coming out in 2016. This E3 video looks pretty awesome.

The New Xbox Controller: Why You Need One

Seriously. After watching this video, if you don’t think you need this controller. Your Carazy. Lol

Destiny: The Taken King’s New Stuff

A look at the Taken King’s new Weapons, Armor and Locations. Pretty sweet stuff.

Rainbow Six Seige TerroHunt Smarter AI

Not your fathers AI in the new Rainbow said Seige TerroHunt Mode. Smarter and more aggressive.

New XB One UI

Here’s a peek at the awesome new Xbox One UI experience coming this fall. They might actually finally get it right.

Collector’s Edition: Balancing Incentives

The Taken King can be pre-ordered now! This article will outline everything you can expect from each version. We’ll also talk about some questionable decisions regarding the Collector’s edition & VIP rewards. Is Bungie forgetting the faithfull? Again? Read the full article below:

Destiny: The Taken King ViDoc Recap

Looks like the light level will increase to 50 in Destiny year 2 starting with the Taken King.

Destiny Class Items…Useful?

Looks like character class items in Destiny might actually become useful. My Titan aprons will do something for me finally.    

Destiny: New Subclasses

Check out these awesome new subclasses.

Destiny:The Taken King

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