Destiny: House of Wolves Delays?

A Destiny update delay may affect House of Wolves

A problem with Destiny‘s expansion-prepping update 1.2.0 may mean a delay for House of Wolves. Bungie Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague briefly outlined the issue in a post on the official Destiny forums.

“I’ve spoken with the finest minds at Bungie about Update 1.2.0 just moments ago,” Dague wrote. “They’re working to correct a late-breaking technical issue that would have impacted the way the game launches for a large portion of you. Progress is being made.

“We’ll be sharing new details on the deployment schedule that leads to House of Wolves as soon as they become facts. At the very least, you’ll hear from me once a day about this. Hang in there, and thank you for your patience.”

The original plan was for update 1.2.0 to deliver the bulk of new materials for House of Wolves’ launch on May 19, at which point a smaller update would activate the content in-game. Update 1.2.0 is no longer planned for release today – whether this change of plans ends up affecting the release date for House of Wolves seemingly depends on how quickly Bungie can sort out the unspecified issue.

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