Destiny: New House of Wolves Exotics Will Drop in Old Missions

Destiny New Exotics in Old Missions

With a little over a week until Destiny releases its second major DLC expansion, Bungie’s fan base is chomping at the bit for new content. House of Wolves, as the DLC is known, will introduce players to several new cooperative experiences, including a combat arena called Prison of Elders, a new Crucible event in Trials of Osiris, and a handful of new story missions.

With so much new content coming in, one would think that the old stuff – the missions from the main game and The Dark Below DLC – would be rendered useless. Why play the older content when there’s presumably no gear to work towards? Bungie, however, has different plans.

According to IGN, who had the opportunity to visit Bungie’s studio in Washington and preview the House of Wolves content, the DLC’s new exotic gear will populate all of Destiny’s loot tables. More specifically, players will be able to nab House of Wolves level exotics while participating in older missions like the Vault of Glass raid.

Obviously, the “new-new” gear will only be unlocked by participating in Trials of Osiris, Prison of Elders, or the Weekly Nightfall Strikes, but Bungie didn’t want to close off their older experiences completely. If players want a shot at new exotics they will soon have more opportunities than ever. Although we’re pretty sure most players who are after exotics have one gun in mind, and that’s Gjallarhorn.

Now, it’s important to mention that there are no increased chances for House of Wolves exotics over any other types of drops, just that the weapons will be added to the loot table. Nevertheless, this is an improvement over The Dark Below’s DLC, which did not add its exotic weapons and gear to the Vault of Glass loot table. Rather, the loot only moved forward, meaning players could get old exotics from new drop opportunities, but not the other way around.

Destiny Fate of All Fools Nine Wins

Even with this latest tease we still know very little about the actual new weapons for House of Wolves. We’ve seen a few quick glances at them during the Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris preview streams, but those were mostly Legendary weapons. The only exotic weapon we for sure know about is the Fate of All Fools scout rifle, but that is thought to be a reward for the Trials of Osiris’ most skilled players.

That should change very soon, as Bungie fully detailed new gear before the launch of The Dark Below back in December 2014. It was then that we finally laid eyes on the Dragon’s Breath, easily one of Destiny’s coolest designed weapons. Sure, it’s not necessarily one of the 10 best guns in the game, but fans desperately wanted it all the same.

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