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Destiny:  New HOW Gear Teased

These new pieces of Destiny’s House of Wolves Gear look Awesome. Check it out.   


Getting some insight to how to build your team in Rainbow Six Siege.


Potentially huge spoilers for Mass Effect 4 ahead.  An unauthenticated survey on BioWare’s next Mass Effect game has apparently detailed its plot, multiplayemode and much more. Evoking flashbacks to a similar situation with ‘Dragon Age 3’ back in 2012, a now deleted Reddit user claimed a survey he took on Mass Effect 4 revealed a massive amount of information on […]


Destiny: House of Wolves

House of Wolves Reveal Stream The Reef – Gear Upgrades Wednesday, April 22nd 11 AM Pacific

Destiny House of Wolves: Let the Hunt Begin

Destiny: House of Wolves Expansion II May 19th. Let the Hunt Begin!

Happy Easter to The XBLM


Rainbow Six Siege: Livestream Video

Miss the  Livestream this week?  Watch it now!

Battlefield Hardline patch nerfs couch

“Bad news,” someone at Visceral presumably said to a soon-to-be-crestfallen team of developers, “couch is OP.” And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, and the nerf was made. You may remember Hardline’s sofa as an Easter egg found on Hotwire mode’s Dust Bowl map. It can seat up to four people, and displays the kill message […]

The Handsome Jack Collection Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards have been re-enabled for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection users on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! As a reward for playing either Borderlands 2 and/or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on previous-gen consoles, players will receive the following bonuses upon signing into SHiFT in The Handsome Collection: Borderlands 2 75 Golden Keys A healthy chunk […]

XBLM Free Communication Aid

In an effort to communicate quickly by texting without using anyone’s Cell phone there is an IPhone, Android and even a Windows version of a program Called LINE that offers FREE…FREE texting that I think all members should get and install.   This way when we need to quickly communicate with each other about anything […]

XBLM Call to Arms: Hard Raid Tonight

Hey XBLM Fireteams!  We are looking to do a Crota’s End Raid tonight on Hard Mode. All members that can make it, we are meeting in the Tower tonight starting at 0 900 hours Central Time.  Let’s Do This!   

Handsome Jack Coll: Badasss Rank Not Transferring

Badass Rank and Customizations Not Transferring From Previous Gen.  Updated 4/1/15, 6:30 PM CT We are aware that some players are having difficulty transferring their Badass Rank and / or character customizations from their previous gen characters. A fix for this issue has been submitted for testing and will be released as soon as possible […]

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