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New Halo 5 Teaser Video

In case you were under a rock yesterday here is a link to the new Halo 5 teaser video. Halo 5 announced to be released October 27, 2015.

Rainbow Six: Alpha Access

Checkout the new R6S video and get the Alpha access by pre-ordering, I did already. This game looks so sick.

Bungie Weekly Update: More Vault Space

Xbox One April Update: Voice Messaging is Back!

Voice messaging is finally coming back to the XB1. Plus some other great features.

Destiny: Nightfall Strike with Skarkly…

Some Nightfall Striking with Bart, Skarkly & Steal.

Destiny: Nightfall with Frankie

Here is a look at a Nightfall Strike with Frankie and Angrydriver.

Destiny: How To Survive Crota’S Oversoul

HOW TO: Survive Crota Oversoul using Titan Bubbles:

Destiny: Nightfall with Shlekii

Handsome Jack Borderlands?

Ok so Just sayin, what are we doin here?   

Destiny: The Story So Far

Here is an in-depth reflection of Destiny and its story arc. Good, bad or indifferent, gamers are still playing aren’t they.

Destiny: Omnigul Nightfall Strike

Steal, Skarkly and Headshott83 killing stuff.

Destiny: Crota HM Raid – 2 Swords Only

Thanks to Rusty and his Less QQ More P3W P3W Team and some of The XBLM. We almost made it look easy.

Destiny Dark Below Raid – Lamps Room 

So here is a 3D look at look at Lamps Level in the Dark Below Raid on the Moon in Destiny.  

Play Rainbow Six:Siege Closed Alpha

Register for chance to play the closed Alpha.

Destiny Companion App Is Deleting Players’ Items

Bungie recently updated the mobile app and website for Destiny with an item transfer feature. Unfortunately, this feature is causing major headaches for some players. “We have heard reports that players are losing items when transferring items using the Companion app,” Bungie said in the most recent Weekly Update. They added you should “use caution” […]

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