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A BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE REWARD TO THE BATTLEFIELD VETERANS Available starting March 17, Battlefield™ Hardline will definitely be a new and unique chapter in the long history of Battlefield games. Naturally, we’re thrilled about those who will make Battlefield Hardline their first Battlefield game. But we also feel we want to give you Battlefield veterans out […]

Destiny: 10 Bounties One Time

Check out this Guardian getting 10 Bounties at one time with his Titan.

Borderlands: Handsome Collection Announced for XB1

Destiny Weekly Update – Reputation

Weekly Update 2.12.15 (Reputation) We’ve been talking about 1.1.1 for a few weeks now. We promised a Heavy Ammo bug fix. We promised some weapon tuning. The promise of “before the end of February” is still one we’re aiming to keep. Reputation Gains “Dude, when I score a few more points with New Monarchy, I’m […]

Next Mass Effect to Have Multiplayer??

BioWare’s next entry in the Mass Effect universe will include an online component, according to a job listing tweeted by senior development director Chris Wynn. Details of how the studio plans to integrate online features have yet to be revealed, with Wynn stating only that the studio is looking to “shape online” for the upcoming […]

Destiny Tower Dance Party

This is some hilarious shit. Lmao

Battlefield Hardline’s Gadgets and Vehicles

Battlefield Hardline’s gadgets and vehicles laid bare: Cars, motorbikes, helicopters, a gunboat! Also: grappling hooks. I hope you weren’t waiting to be surprised by Battlefield Hardline on release day, as EA and Visceral have now blown pretty much the whole thing wide open. Well, the multiplayer anyway – the twists and turns of the probably […]

Destiny: Another Vault of Glass Chest?

Wait…whaaat? Another Vault of Glass chest? Time to start searching.

Destiny: House of Wolves & May 19 Release Leak Discussed

Bungie Talks House of Wolves Leak; Anything Can Change. A MMO can rise and fall based upon the quality of its additional content, and Destiny is no exception. The game has been a huge success since its release in September 2014, and the title was graced with its first DLC pack in December. The DLC, […]

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