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Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Next Week

Test EA’s cops and robbers game in advance of March release

Bungie to fix mistakes of first DLC with House of Wolves


iGN: Our love for the Rainbow Six reboot is hardly a secret: we loved what we played at E3 2014, naming the destruction-tastic, 60fps first-person shooter our Game of the Show. It went dark shortly after its unveiling, though, with the Ubisoft Montreal development team quietly toiling away on the return of the beloved franchise […]

Crota’s End: Hard Mode

This article will outline what’s changed in the Level 33 difficulty of Crota’s End. If you need help with Normal mode, we’ve got a complete guide for that as well.

XBOX One Tips and Tricks

Here is another blog I found specially for XB One tips and tricks. Check it out!

Killing Crota Solo

OK. This is not so hard after all. If one guy can do it. Six of us it should be easy. Take a look how this guy from Italy did it. Let’s do it.

Crota’s End Raid Final CP Glitch

So I’m figuring, it’s best if we all see the video of how this glitch was done. Here it is. Let’s try this again.

February Update Preview for Xbox One

Although this looks like it is just a Destiny update website….Here’s some old-school: Xbox news! LOL  

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