7 Parts to Destiny’s Vault of Glass

Destiny’s Vault of Glass has 7 parts to complete.

First part you’re outside the gate. There are 3 areas where you have to split your team of 6 into. 2 players on each spire and they have to defend it for a set amount of time (I think about 5 minutes or so).

Second section you’re up against waves enemies. Enemies will come from 3 spawn points. Once again, split into 3 teams (however this time it’s not hard to run back and forth since you’re all relatively in the same area). You’ll randomly get cursed with a Mark of Negation. To remove this you have to jump into this pool in the middle of the map. All this time there will be these glowing Oracles floating around. They don’t attack you but you must kill them all or your party gets wiped out. During this time there are Vex snipers which will spawn on various floating islands.

Third section, giant Templar boss. You’ll have to beat this boss essentially. One member needs to grab the relic. This item has 2 purposes. FIrst off it’s used to remove the Mark of Negation (if you want too long, you die). The second purpose is to remove the shield on the Templar. Each time you take out the shield, a force field will form over you. You must break through it with your weapon (but NOT any form of explosive otherwise you’ll kill yourself). If you touch it, you die. Boss will teleport away after a certain amount of time. Repeat until it’s dead.

Forth section, Gorgon labyrinth. You have navigate through a maze while not be detected by the Gorgons (glowing Harpies). You can’t beat it and if it sees ANY one on your team, you all die.

Fifth section, platforming area where you start on a cliff and have to jump down across a pit while platforms appear and disappear. This is relatively easy (easiest if you have a Gunslinger Hunter with triple jump).

Sixth section, portals. There are 2 portals in the room. One leads to Mars and the other leads to Venus. First off you need to kill the gatekeeper, then split into 2 teams of 3 members each. One team hold a spire to activate a portal. Second team goes into portal and kill Gatekeeper inside to get the relic. Do the same for the other portal.

Seventh section, Atheon. Once again, split into 2 teams. One team guards spires while other team gets teleported. The difference here is that Atheon will periodically teleport the 3 furthest members of a team to a random area (Mars or Venus) then the other team has to guard and activate the spire that is associated with that specific portal all while defending against waves of Harpies (they explode on death). Team inside portal needs to kill Oracles and bring out relic. One player will hold the relic and heal the members. If he doesn’t, the screen will grow gradually black and you cannot see anything. Once portal is activated, team goes through then all join in and attack Atheon (Void weapons are ideal). Repeat multiple times until it’s dead.

That’s the Vault of Glass. One team spent 2 hours on the first 6 sections and about 2 and a half hours on Atheon alone the first time through.

The key to beating VoG relies all in teamwork and coordination. This is where matchmaking fails because then every man will be for himself. If you have a structured team where everyone knows his role, you’ll be much better off.

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