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The XBLM Facebook Group

Created a Group on Facebook for any who want to share and discuss stuff there.

Complete Vault of Glass Raid in Destiny

Want to see what the Vault of Glass Raid looks like and how it’s finished? This is about an hour video that you can scrub through. It’s pretty brutal and it takes plenty of team work for sure. Take a look.

Joining the Destiny XBLM Clan

On log on and then Each Member of our Bungie Group (XBLM) needs to click on “Set as Clan” & it’ll put you into the Destiny XBLM Clan. XBLM will then show up on your Destiny Banner. This was just recently fixed as now I can see the XBLM Clan name on my banner. […]

Destiny – One Reason I Hate PvP

Players appear to be hacking Destiny to create an endless shooting exploit in Multiplayer.

Destiny’s endgame after the campaign.

Ranking past 20, Raids, Vanguard items and other tips Bungie has made much of the fact that Destiny only really “begins” once you polish off the story. This is a little disingenuous, in practice – to significant degree, the endgame is about repeating old missions against higher level enemies, in order to unlock Legendary and […]

Destiny: How to use “Strange Coins”

Watch out for the Agent of the Nine If you’ve been schooling extra-terrestrials by way of Destiny’s Strike missions this week, you may have stumbled on a mission reward known as a “Strange Coin”. I’ve got a couple rattling around in my inventory, I think. Wondering what they’re for? Wonder no longer. As passed on […]

Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft talks map destruction, betas and keeping secrets. Why the publisher dropped Patriots, and how Siege takes up the slack.

Destiny Live Action Trailer

The launch of Destiny is rapidly approaching. To celebrate that reality, check out our new live-action trailer where a fireteam heads out on an epic, action-packed road trip across our Solar System to face our enemies, take back what is ours, and Become Legend.

Xbox One External Hard Drives

Since release the Xbox One has received a steady stream of monthly firmware updates to add features and improvements. In June the update added (amongst other things), external storage. Unlike the PlayStation 4 which doesn’t support external drives and only has the option to upgrade the console’s standard 500gb internal storage, the Xbox One console […]

Destiny Worlds with Google Maps

You’ll have to wait until next week to actually play Destiny, but you can start exploring the sci-fi universe right now. A new site called Destiny Planet View — built using the same tech as Google’s ubiquitous Street View feature — lets you check out the three off-Earth locations in the game, including the Moon, […]

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