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Mass Effect on Xbox One??

Mass Effect coming to the Xbox One?

One Last Borderlands 2 Adventure…

Enjoy One Last Borderlands 2 Adventure in Headhunter 5: Sir Hammerlock Versus the Son of Crawmerax

Wait! Whaaaat? Borderlands Prequel?? On the Moon????

This One goes out especially to Skarkly. Better NOT sell that 360? lol

Share Xbox One Clips on YouTube Starting Tomorrow

Sharing your best Titanfall moments with the Xbox One’s upload feature is pretty seamless, but Microsoft’s choice to limit video uploads to OneDrive isn’t exactly convenient. Thankfully the company is heeding the call of its users and will enable uploads to YouTube beginning tomorrow. An update for the YouTube app will let gamers share their […]

BF4 Easter Egg How to Spawn it

BF4 Easter Egg. OMFG! Cool.

Let’s go find it.

Microsoft: XBOX One’s ESRAM is a “Huge Win”

Microsoft Explains why the Xbox One’s ESRAM is a “Huge Win” and Allows Reaching 1080p/60 FPS. During a livestreamed presentation at Build, Xbox One Team Partner Development Lead Frank Savage explained in detail how the much discussed ESRAM of the Xbox One works, also mentioning that it can help developer sreach the fabled 1080p resolution […]

Metro Redux for Xbox One is a Thing

The rumoured Metro Redux for Xbox One is a Thing, not a flight of irradiated fancy, publisher Deep Silver has confirmed – but the project is “a lot more exciting” than you might deduce from this weekend’s leaks, which are apparently based on ancient presentation materials. According to said materials, Redux is down for release […]

Optimus Prime Comes to Titanfall

Got anyone excited now?? Take a look. Lol

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