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How Can We Trust IGN To Be Fair

Upgrading from Xbox 360 to Xbox One – seven things you need to do

We’re so close. So very close in fact, I found myself eyeing up my Xbox 360 over the weekend, pondering where it would go after the Xbox One inevitably takes its place in my TV unit. These are the things that keep the OCD side of my brain up at night. And how about you? […]

State Of Play: It’s Xbox One For Me

It’s the Xbox One

A Look at the Xbox One

So take a great look at the Xbox One.

More details about Xbox One’s video sharing and cloud capabilities

With the launch of the Xbox One fast-approaching, GameSpot sat down with Microsoft’s Phil Spencer to talk about the importance of cloud gaming and online capabilities in their upcoming hardware. One of Spencer’s recurring points emphasized how the Xbox will continue to evolve. “Going back to the launch of 360, for those of us that […]

1080p on Xbox One: why “”Resolutiongate”” isn’t a problem

This article is perfect for you. Right Skarkly? “”Damage control””. “”MS spin””. “”””Journalist””””. Just a few of the exhilarating terms and phrases you may read in the comments thread below this article, providing the posters in question don’t expose themselves to the wrath of our Justice League-esque moderator team by adding a string of swearwords. […]

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