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New BL 2 Level Cap Increase?

Check it out!

Xbox One GPU speed increased, RAM upgraded to 12GB?

Microsoft has shown that it is willing to react quickly to the feedback received about the Xbox One. When gamers started getting angry about the mandatory Internet connection and used games restrictions, Microsoft dumped them and promised a more open system. But there’s been another area where the Xbox One has lagged behind the PS4 […]

New Watch Dogs Live Action Trailer

Great new Watch Dogs Live Action Trailer!

Watch Dogs Better with Xbox One?

Watch Dogs will have a more dynamic city on Xbox One? Dominic Guay, lead producer of Watch Dogs has been talking about how playing the game on Xbox One may make for a more dynamic city in an interview with Gaming Target. Talking about the potential of the next-gen versions of the game, Guay admits […]

Xbox One Headset now bundled?

Xbox One Headset now reportedly bundled as Microsoft U-turns again Microsoft’s Xbox One will now include a headset as part of the standard bundle, it’s reported, with the company apparently having another change of heart and opting to include the accessory after gamers voiced their dissatisfaction. The Xbox One Chat Headset had initially been billed […]

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